Don’t miss this online event for devs, engineers and architects

Developers, engineers and architects, lend me your ears! Whether you’re focused on the cloud or infrastructure, whether you’re ensuring site reliability, or whether you’re a full-stack or platform developer, this opportunity slides right into your wheelhouse.

Invest an hour of your time — on Wednesday, October 11 at 1:00 p.m. ET/ 10 a.m. PT — for a free online event called “Best Practices for Service Connectivity at Scale for Amazon EKS.”

Join Frank Carta, senior container specialist at AWS, and Christian Posta, VP and global field CTO at, and learn how to solve security, observability and application resiliency issues following AWS best practices.

Laying a firm foundation for secure connectivity is essential, but compliance and regulatory requirements may require more sophisticated application-layer features. During this session, you’ll see how service mesh technology, such as Istio, can support the following for enterprise EKS environments:

  • Service-to-service workload identity
  • Authentication/authorization
  • Tracing, metrics collection
  • Auditing and zonal/regional failover

You’ll receive an overview of a reference architecture that follows AWS best practices (proven at massive scale) to lay foundational networking connectivity and layer in powerful, programmable application networking with Istio and to solve security, observability and application resiliency issues.

Register for this free online event today!

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