Intel Ignite, Intel’s deep tech accelerator for early-stage startups, has launched its sixth cohort in Europe. Starting on November 6, 10 startups will participate in a 12-week programme in Munich.

As part of the scheme, the selected companies will receive customised support on their growth journey, which includes mentorship, access to industry players and investors, and the opportunity to leverage Intel’s own resources.

The overall aim of the programme is to accelerate how entrepreneurs scale their technologies, find their product-market fit, and raise funding at higher valuations. Notably, Intel Ignite takes no equity stake, and the startups don’t need to pay a participation fee.

The 10 companies (chosen from a pool of nearly 300 applicants) span across a wide range of deep tech, from AI and machine learning to fusion power, chip-scale photonics, and quantum computing.

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They have an average of €3.9mn in seed funding and originate from seven European countries: Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, and France.

Here’s the full list:

  • Deep Detection: Multispectral X-ray cameras for industrial inspection and material separation.
  • Dotphoton: Raw image compression and data quality validation for AI and ML applications.
  • Electric SQL: Platform for building reactive, real-time, local-first apps.
  • FononTech: Impulse printing for electronics via fine-grained patterns in the micro to millimetre range.
  • Giskard: Testing and monitoring interface for ML models.
  • Proxima Fusion: First generation of fusion power plants using QI stellarators.
  • Quantum Diamonds: Diamond-based quantum sensors for semiconductor failure analysis and quality control.
  • Semron: AI chips that reduce energy consumption, without compromising raw compute power.
  • SuperDuperDB: AI and API deployment and training on top of datastores.
  • Zerve: Coding platform for data science and AI development.

“We believe the startups and founders in this new cohort have the opportunity and the potential to change the world,” said Markus Bohl, managing director of Intel Ignite Europe. “These entrepreneurs could shape the next innovations in AI, the way the devices we use everyday operate, and the future of energy.”

Intel Ignite was launched in 2019. To date, it counts 148 companies in its portfolio, which have raised a total of €1.6bn in funding. It operates four hubs across the globe: Munich, Tel Aviv, Boston, and London — launched in early September.

Deep tech startups interested in participating in Europe’s next cohort can start applying in January 2024.

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