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Crypto analyst JD has once again commented on XRP making a “parabolic” move. This time around, he has identified exactly what needs to happen for the crypto token to enjoy a significant rally

All Eyes On The MACD

In a post shared on his X (formerly Twitter) platform, JD highlighted the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) as the trigger for the crypto to enjoy a significant rally. He noted how XRP went “parabolic” the last time the MACD crossed the 0 level. According to him, that hasn’t happened this time, but the market seems very close to that level. 

JD shared an accompanying chart to elucidate his point. From the chart, one could see that XRP enjoyed a 650x gain the last time the MACD crossed 0. This significant breakout, which came in 2017, happened after a 4-year trendline that dated back to 2014. 

This time, the coin has consolidated for a longer period as he highlighted an 8-year trendline that dates back to 2017. He expects the market to instantly become bullish if there can be a breakout from that trendline. For now, JD believes that a bullish cross is still in play despite the fact that the MACD is below 0. 

In response to his post, another X user stated that “it’s game over” once XRP crosses the $0.92 price level. JD seemed to agree as he stated that it was going to happen. Meanwhile, the crypto analyst has remained cautious about giving a prediction as to what price level XRP could hit. However, from the chart he shared, XRP could rise to as high as $15, taking a cue from 2017.

XRP currently trading at $0.61393 territory on the daily chart: TradingView.com

Between XRP And Bitcoin

Crypto analyst Egrag Crypto has also given his view on the future trajectory of XRP in relation to Bitcoin. He spoke about a “Helheim Gate Way” scenario and how Bitcoin’s price could affect XRP’s. He said BTC surging to the 48k-50k range might exert pressure on XRP, causing it to decline against the flagship cryptocurrency

In this scenario, XRP’s decline is a result of Bitcoin apparently absorbing substantial liquidity, driving the latter’s dominance higher. However, things could turn out differently if XRP decides to “decouple and carve its unique path.”

Although this projection doesn’t seem favorable for XRP, Egrag noted that it could still be “remarkably bullish.” The reason is that liquidity could flow back “aggressively and abruptly” to altcoins like XRP once Bitcoin releases all the absorbed funds. Crypto analyst CrediBULL Crypto has once mentioned something in this regard. 

He stated that XRP’s price could decline in the short term as Bitcoin continues to enjoy a parabolic rise. He, however, mentioned that XRP will be one of the biggest benefactors once there is an “influx of new money.”

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