'Secondaries summer' is over, but 2024 looks promising

Secondary venture activity has ebbed and flowed over the last few months, following a particularly busy summer. But 2024 may see investors returning for good, writes Rebecca Szkutak.

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“The buyer universe for pre-IPOs expands quite a bit when you have a functioning IPO market. The list of investors who become interested in secondaries expands to those that are interested in public markets,” Caplight CEO Javier Avalos told her.

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‘Mega-deals’ could be inflating overall AI funding figures

Digital generated image of golden air balloon in shape of dollar sign inflated using pump and flying up on white background.

Image Credits: Andriy Onufriyenko (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Funding for AI-related startups surpassed $68.7 billion in 2023, but “mega-deals” might be inflating those numbers. In Q3, total VC funding in the space was around $22.1 billion. But after subtracting Big Tech’s mega-deals, the total is more like $15.1 billion. As Kyle Wiggers writes, “Could it be that VCs, initially swept up by the generative AI hype, are coming down to earth and/or growing wary of the tech’s risks?”

Twilio might actually deserve activist investor attention

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Image Credits: champc / Getty Images

Twilio’s share price is down after it laid off staff this week amid great instability. In February, CEO Jeff Lawson announced that he’s splitting the business into two parts, with Elena Donio tapped to head data and apps. During its Q3 earnings call, however, the company announced that Donio would be stepping down. And that’s not even taking into account its tanking stock price.

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Ask Sophie: Does the H-1B visa require founders to give up equity and control?

lone figure at entrance to maze hedge that has an American flag at the center

Image Credits: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch

Dear Sophie,

I’m currently in the U.S. working for my employer on an H-1B. I’ve been wanting to start my own company, but I’ve been working on boosting my accomplishments for the O-1A because I’ve read in your past columns over the years that transferring an H-1B to a startup comes with a lot of downsides for startup founders, including giving up control and equity. How has that now changed?

— Future Founder

Why layoffs happen in December, and how to handle them compassionately

Image of workers walking in and out of doors representing tech layoffs in 2023

Image Credits: Bryce Durbin / TechCrunch

If you’ve found yourself in the uncomfortable situation of having to do layoffs in December, TechCrunch reporter Haje Jan Kamps has some tips on how to do it compassionately.

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