Snyk acquires Helios to bolster its AppSec platform

Snyk, the well-funded developer-focused security company, today announced that it has acquired Helios, a Tel Aviv-based startup that helps developers troubleshoot and understand their microservices in production. Snyk will use Helios to bolster its recently launched AppRisk service, its application security play, and to provide them with a better overall security service both at build time and while running in production.

Back in 2022, Helios raised a $5 million seed round that was co-led by Entrée Capital and Amiti VC. The company didn’t raise any additional funding after that. The two companies did not share the price of today’s acquisition.

This is Snyk’s second acquisition in this space after the company also acquired Enso Security back in June 2023. Today’s acquisition is also a continuation of a more general trend we’ve been seeing where some of the larger players with more comprehensive offerings are currently picking up point solutions (often at a substantial discount), as enterprises look to reduce and consolidate their expenses.

“With the tailwind of our supportive investors and the adaptability and dedication of our amazing team, we expanded our offering to the security domain,” Helios founders Eli Cohen and Ran Nozik write in today’s announcement. “We started pursuing partnerships with various AppSec players to accelerate our GTM efforts. We soon realized that Helios and Snyk share a mutual vision and DNA and that this is a classic “better together” story.

Snyk will integrate into AppRisk features like Helios’ end-to-end application discovery service and its OpenTelemetry-based run-time data collection tools.

“As the pace and complexity of software development continues to rapidly increase, we’ve seen our global customers reap enormous productivity gains, but often at the cost of increased risk and critical security concerns,” said Peter McKay, CEO, Snyk. “This acquisition was executed with those valid concerns top of mind. We’re excited to welcome the Helios team and look forward to continuing to push the market forward with our ASPM vision and enhanced solution.”

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