This week in Dutch tech

Friday is finally here and so is this week’s roundup of tech news from the Netherlands!

From riveting developments in the chip sector to partnerships against financial fraud and concerns over smart camera technology, the first week of June has been action-packed. Here’s our pick of the hottest stories, startups, and insights.

What we’re writing

What we’re reading

  • Bunq and NVIDIA join forces to combat financial fraud with AI (FinTech Global)
  • PwC warns of Dutch high-tech ‘monoculture’ (Bits&Chips)
  • Amsterdam-based ‘AI for Recruiters’ Carv secures €9.1M in seed funding (Silicon Canals)
  • More Dutch cities using smart cameras to identify crimes despite reliability concerns (NL Times)

Dutch startup of the week: MindAffect


A spinout from Radboud University, MindAffect has tapped neuroscience, brain-computer interface (BCI) technology, and AI to enable diagnosis of hearing impairments using brain signals.

MindAffect specifically targets hard-to-test patients, such as children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.  It aims to provide a more equitable alternative to existing testing methods, which depend on the constant responses of patients.

This can be challenging or ineffective for individuals with communication difficulties, often resulting in underdiagnosis.

“Hearing loss profoundly impacts every facet of life,” MindAffect’s CEO Jennifer Goodall said.

“For children, this means risks of poor educational and social development; for the elderly, increased isolation and a greater risk of early dementia; and for the disabled, fewer opportunities for social inclusion.”

The startup has developed Aurora, a response-free hearing diagnostics system, which relies on brain stimuli and signals. It recently raised€1.1mn to bring Aurora to market next year.

Jennifer Goodall will be speaking at TNW Conference in Amsterdam. Make sure not to miss her talk on June 20.

Conference speaker to watch

As we count down to TNW Conference on June 20 and 21, each week we’re spotlighting a must-see talk at the event. Today’s pick comes from Siôn Geschwindt:

I’m very much looking forward to hearing from Dutch artist Jeroen van der Most — aka MOST. 

MOST creates mesmerising artworks, not with paint and a brush, but using his computer and AI algorithms.     

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding AI-generated art lately, so I’m particularly interested to hear MOST’s perspectives on the issue.  

I’m especially curious to find out how one of his paintings sold for £2.5mn even though he had never seen it before, let alone painted it. This is a story that you just can’t miss and will introduce you to what it means to be an artist in a tech-driven world.

Jeroen van der Most will be speaking on June 20 on the Vision stage.

If you want to attend the talk — and all the other festivities at TNW Conference — we’ve got a special offer for our readers. At the ticket checkout, use the code TNWXMEDIA to get 30% off your business passinvestor pass, or startup packages (Bootstrap and Scaleup).

That’s all for this week’s round-up. Until next Friday, tot ziens!

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