TNW Conference 2024 is finally here! As we here at The Next Web attend many conferences throughout the year (although few are as much fun and inspiring as our own, if we may say so ourselves ), we know that they can sometimes feel a little overwhelming with everything that is going on. 

That’s why we have put together this handy overview of what to expect — and we can’t wait to see you there! 

Time flies — TNW turns 18!

This year, TNW Conference turns 18. What started as an idea for a few tech-interested people to come together and talk about what was “next in tech” has grown into an institution in the Amsterdam ecosystem. 

From an intimate gathering to thousands of attendees, the intention has remained the same — to help uncover what lies at the very forefront of technological innovation i.e. “the next web.”

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Apart from our signature festival feel and the tremendous networking opportunities, here is what you can expect from what is next in tech this year. Come celebrate our 18th with us. 

Pick your player(s)

We have keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats. With such a veritable smörgåsbord of sessions with inspiring tech luminaries and trail blazers to choose from, having a broad overview of the themes of this year’s TNW Conference might be helpful.


Today’s AI is fuelling a revolution. Explore open source, NLPs, LLMs, and multimodality, as well as how AI is impacting business strategies. We will also explore the intersection of AI and creativity, diving into how AI is transforming creative industries. Expect insights into the future of AI-driven art, music, and storytelling, as well as discussions on ethical implications and the balance between humanity and machine learning.

The RenAIssance track will run mostly on our main stage, Vision. Notable speakers include Anna Kouvaniemi, who leads Google DeepMind Impact Accelerators, Glenn Fogel, CEO of, Adir Ron, CTO team lead for Microsoft for startups, and Jane Lauder, CDO at Estée Lauder. 

TNT — The Next in Tech

This is our focus on groundbreaking technology trends and innovations. Sessions will cover emerging tech like quantum, AR, cybersecurity, and advanced robotics, along with their potential impacts on various industries. The track aims to showcase revolutionary tech advancements and their practical applications.

TNT will run mostly on our main stage, Vision. Speakers to keep an eye out for include Lars Reger, Executive VP and CTO, NXP Semiconductors, Dr Si-Hui Tan, Chief Science Officer at Horizon Quantum Computing, and Hanah-Marie Darley, head of Threat Research at Darktrace. 

Sustainable Futures

Dedicated to sustainability and green tech, this track addresses how technology can combat climate change and promote environmental responsibility. Topics include circularity and inclusivity, ethical and sustainable business practices and product development, and tech solutions for a more utopian urban environment.

Our Sustainable Futures track runs across many stages. Speakers include Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Former Prime Minister of Denmark and Co-Chair, Meta Oversight Board, Parag Parekh, Chief Digital Officer, IKEA Retail (Ingka Group), and Thomas Plantenga, CEO of Vinted. 

Finance Disrupted

Delve into the fintech revolution, examining how AI, blockchain, and other technologies are reshaping the financial landscape. Key themes include digital assets, financial inclusion, and the evolving role of traditional banks in a tech-driven world.

Our Finance Disrupted track will run on the Disrupted stage. Speakers include Kristo Kärrman, CEO and co-founder of Wise, Colin Bell, CEO Europe at HSBC, and Timi Merriman-Johnson, aka Mr MoneyJar. 

Pixels to Profit

A deep dive into digital marketing and e-commerce, exploring strategies to enhance customer engagement and maximise ROI. Topics include data-driven marketing, the role of AI in consumer behaviour analysis, and innovative approaches to digital advertising.

The Pixels to Profit track will run on our Discovery stage. Speakers include Marcel Kramer, GenAI Program Manager and Director of Data Engineering at ABN Amro, Sadira E. Furlow, Chief of Global Brand and Communications at Tony’s Chocolonely, and Renate Nyborg, founder and CEO at Meeno. 


Highlighting cutting-edge innovations across various sectors, this track focuses on the latest startup ecosystems, venture capital trends, and breakthrough technologies. It aims to inspire and equip attendees with the knowledge to drive innovation in their own ventures.

Taking place at our Growth Quarter stage, the Innovate track will feature a range of panels covering everything from revolutionising the places we work, how to drive innovation during adversity, how to learn from startup failures, and the next frontier of space tech. 


Focusing on a range of topics related to investment and funding, such as identifying and nurturing innovative ventures, impact investing, adapting to economic changes, learning from failures, and how corporates and startups can work together. 

Running on our Growth Quarter stage, sessions include exploring new investment models, the role of LPs and VCs, and in-house VC strategies. Not to be missed is the case study of McLaren Applied’s acquisition of VanMoof taking place on the Vision stage. 

TNW Talks

For more intimate sessions and chances to ask questions of speakers, head over to our TNW Talks stage. This year we have included an “ask a journalist” session with our editorial team, as well as a live recording of the TNW podcast. Come and ask us questions about how to get your startup featured in the media, or what we believe is truly “next in tech.”  

Side events and extras

Beyond our main themes, TNW Conference also features a number of highly engaging side events, including:

Tech Tours & Meet-ups: Guided tours of local tech hubs and meet-ups for deeper industry engagement.

DEI Coalition: Sessions dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry.

The Assembly: A special track focusing on collaborative policy-making for tech advancement.

There will also be a padel court hosted by EY and, surely one not to miss, the Dutch police’s escape room, and much more.

If you want to learn more about how to make the most out of these additional sessions and side events, check out our handy guide here. 

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